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How much are the shipping costs?

We ship Europe-wide at a flat rate of EUR 2,99. The same rate applies for Scandinavia, Switzerland and the UK. For shipping to the US and Canada a standard rate of EUR 11,00 applies.

Shipping costs are dependant on the destination of the order. Find your location in the table below to determine your carrier and the applicable shipping costs.


country carrier shipping costs
Austria 2,99 EUR
Belgium DHL 2,99 EUR
Bulgaria Bulgarian Posts PLC 2,99 EUR
Canada DHL Express 11 EUR
Czech Republic Česká pošta 2,99 EUR 
Denmark Post Danmark AS 2,99 EUR
Estonia AS Eesti Post 2,99 EUR
Finland DHL 2,99 EUR 
France La Poste 2,99 EUR 
Germany DHL 2,99 EUR 
Greece Hellenic Posts ELTA oder DHL EXPRESS 2,99 EUR 
Hungary Magyar Posta 2,99 EUR 
Ireland An Post 2,99 EUR 
Italy DHL 2,99 EUR 
Latvia DHL EXPRESS 2,99 EUR 
Lithuania Lietuvos paštas 2,99 EUR 
Luxembourg DHL 2,99 EUR 
Netherlands DHL 2,99 EUR 
Poland DHL EXPRESS 2,99 EUR 
Portugal DHL 2,99 EUR 
Romania DHL EXPRESS 2,99 EUR 
Sweden DHL 2,99 EUR 
Slovakia Slovenská pošta, a.s 2,99 EUR 
Slovenia Pošta Slovenije, d.o.o 2,99 EUR 
Spain DHL 2,99 EUR 
Switzerland Schweizer Post 2,99 EUR 
United Kingdom DHL 2,99 EUR 
USA DHL Express 11 EUR 

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